Wednesday, August 3, 2011


so, there was a small issue with my new sketchbook. turns out the inside covers were smudging black onto the first and last pages. 
it isn't a big deal, but i decided to fix it; and by doing so, i managed to somewhat customize my sketchbook.  :)

i have these patterned cardstock papers lying around and i finally put them to good use! the back cover has a similar orange pattern glued to it as well. and no more smudge!

anyways, i had a lot of fun with the first page of my sketchbook. i got to try out my new brush pen and i absolutely love it. 

mixed media - 8/3/11
well, i'm off! wednesday is laundry day. bleh.


  1. Did you do those sketches? You are an amazing artist.

  2. thank you :]
    and yes, all art on my blog is done by me.