Saturday, September 3, 2011


first week of classes has passed! 
i have three art studio classes and i just did my first homework assignment. (that sounds silly to me, don't know why.)

alright, we had to make a collage and, thing is, i'm terrible at collages. i always have been. my little third grade self always had the most pathetic collages in the class. and i'm sure that'll transfer over. 

i made a horribe mess in my room and was in such a rush to finish up that it looks...blotchy. 
point is, i'm not happy with it, but it's something i've worked on this week and i've been neglecting the blog. :(

mixed - 9/3/11
it's supposed to help describe ourselves. so, according to this, i've got hair like a troll doll. :)

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