Saturday, July 9, 2011


so, there's been a very spontaneous out of town trip to san antonio. since my mom and sister are on vacation (and i'm an unemployed bum), it was decided we needed to leave town and visit the good old alamo. so far, i've just slept thanks to my terrible sleeping pattern.
there is an upside! that book of mine (drawing lab by carla sonheim) has a couple of assignments that ask us to go to a zoo and draw. now, back in my hometown we haven't got any zoos so this is an ideal opportunity. i'm pretty excited about visiting a zoo, even when my family isn't. :(
anyways, i should be back home by monday and i'll be sure to upload all i got for the weekend!

have a great weekend!! :)


  1. Hope your having a great weekend. I like your blog its a bit different from what I am seen so far. I also know what its like to try and express your artistic nature and want to share it. Stop by sometime. I am very new to blogging and havent developed a comfortable design or page yet but its a work in progress

  2. thank you :]
    your blog is amazing! very insightful and such beautiful photos