Tuesday, July 26, 2011


so, yesterday evening i woke up to a spinning room. even now as i type this there is a slight spin still. 
i woke up terribly dizzy and completely nauseated and have no clue why. i've been laying in bed like a log watching the strangest of documentaries and movies. really, i have. 
let me list them for whoever is reading:

  • from ape to man (history channel documentary)
  • the human experience (another documentary)
  • princess kaiulani 
  • jane eyre (the 1996 version)
  • wuthering heights (apparently, i couldn't have one bronte sister without the other)
  • fever pitch (with colin firth...because i'm a sucker for him)

i was almost going to watch national geographic's 'border wars', but decided against it. though, i did watch national geographic's 'the science of dogs'. i feel as if i'm back in school and just having a sick day. 

anyways, seeing as how my brain is twirling inside my skull i've decided not to draw today. or maybe if i'm feeling better later, i will. 
i came across some of my old work on flickr (which i had forgotten all about). i will be posting a couple in place of today's work. 

i hope everyone is having a beautiful, non-dizzy day. :)

graphite - 2008

watercolor - 2007


  1. wow, these are amazing drawings/paintings. i love art :)

    check out my blog http://kubrataskiran.blogspot.com/

  2. thank you! :]
    i absolutely love your work! can't wait to see what else you post!

  3. It's been a while since i last chk into ur blog. I like this alot : watercolor - 2007, warm :) Keep it up!!