Monday, July 25, 2011

captain america

i would have posted this sooner, but i got sucked into playing halo with my sister. aw, man, i had a blast. i laughed so much that now i have the biggest headache.
anyways, i've been wanting to see the new captain america movie for some time now. (i've been hearing great things about it.) so, i decided to paint the patriotic superhero.
first i painted with acrylics, but after that failed i tried again with watercolors. i like the way it came out. :]

watercolor - 7/25/11
captain america

if you've seen the movie, please share your take on it! 


  1. You've got some really great pictures here! :)

    I watched captain america yesterday... here's my review :)

  2. thank you :]
    i really enjoyed your review! it got me hyped up to see it all over again! lol